Check it out!

I’m so happy to announce that Hartford County 4-H Camp has updated their website. Check it out!

Megan and I will be posting there from now on. See you soon!

Staff of 2013

Aww yeah!!  The staff have been hired!  Get excited!  I know I am.  :)



That is everyone!! I cannot wait for June! Eeek!

It’s Happening!!!

Great news!!!  Staff applications are coming in!

Camper applications will be going out!! (Check your mailbox Monday, February 25)  If you are not on our mailing list, call Elsie, our camp administrator at 860.289.4177 to get one!  Leave a message with the camper’s name, address and birthday.

If you are interested in being a Teen Counselor (15+) hang tight.  Your applications won’t go out till early April.

It is my favorite time of the year and I cannot wait to start meeting the potential staff members.  I love hearing their ideas for their activities and absorbing their enthusiasm.  It is magical.  Really!!!

I wish you a happy Spring and I will be seeing you all soon! xoxoxo


October Teen Weekend

Hey Yo!  If you are going to be 15 by July 1 or older, you are cordially invited to our October Teen Weekend. On Friday, October 12, 2012 teens and chaperones will arrive at Hartford County 4-H Camp to hang out till Sunday, October 14, 2012.  If you are interested, you need to make a reservation with our Camp Administrator, the lovely Elsie Woolam.  Call her at 860.289.4177.

Here’s what you need to know about Teen Weekends:

  • They are MAD fun.
  • We will have newspapers and Vespers, per usual
  • We will play dodgeball, charades, frolf, maybe some SPUD
  • We will work on puzzles
  • We’ll have breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and brunch
  • There will be a movie and a dance
  • Everyone sleeps in Baldwin Hall; girls on one side, boys on the other, chaperones in the middle.
  • There aren’t any showers available, so be prepared for that

Let’s make it awesome!!

Thank you!!

Thank you to all the campers, counselors, staff and volunteers that made this summer an unforgettable one!  We had so much fun and created close to a million memories.  I hope to see you all next summer at 247 South Road!

You can keep in touch with us on our Facebook group HC4H Camp. xoxox

Dress Ups!!!!


I cannot wait to see how much camp spirit y’all have!

Here are the dress-up sneak peeks for the summer:

Week 1: Winter, Under the Sea, Candy

Week 2: High School Stereotypes, Babies, Medieval

Week 3: Fruit, Hawaiian, Pirate vs Ninja

Week 4: Zoo, Star Wars, Celebrity

Week 5: Tourist, Harry Potter, Occupation

Week 6:  Decades, Board Game, Nerd

Week 7: Book Character, Superhero, Wild West